is to promote ecologically sound land use and natural resource management through green enterprises for improved livelihoods.

 is to have “Nature based communities with improved quality of life.”

  1. Sustainability
  2. Environmental stewardship and climate action
  3. Creativeness and innovativeness
  4. Transparency and accountability
  5. Commitment to partnerships

Tree Talk Plus (TTP) was incorporated, as a not for profit, company limited by guarantee in 2014, now pursuing registration as a Non-Governmental Organisation. TTP is governed by an independent Board of Directors (BoD) that is responsible for providing strategic oversight of the organisation including ensuring its integrity as a voluntary service organisation.

TTP’s priorities are based on challenges faced by the Environment and Natural Resources sector in Uganda and globally and aspirations in the policies governing environment and natural resources management. We focus on using a Communication, Education, Public Awareness approach and demonstration of strategies to cause positive change in attitude, mindset and behavior to deliver the desired development needs of people while maintaining healthy nature’s life support systems.