Environmental issues remain a peripheral issue in the formal schooling system. They continue to be viewed more as an extracurricular activity and less as a subject holding a priority position in the national curriculum. In schools, Tree Talk Plus supports the establishment of environment clubs, which bare the responsibility of sensitizing fellow students about conservation.

Environment clubs in schools are a means by which students can be empowered to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. We train schools to use fora through which to help students reach out to influence and engage their peers, parents and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. School environment clubs also empower students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of school curriculum. Club members take pride in their ability to volunteer for the environment and humanity. The clubs are led by a teacher commonly referred to as ‘patron’ and a group of student leaders with titles, chairperson, secretary, treasurer and mobiliser. We are currently actively engaging over 200 environment clubs in schools in Central, Eastern and Northern Uganda.