The Forest Governance Learning Group aims to connect forest-dependent people who are marginalized from forest governance with those who control it. The Forest Governance Learning Group is an informal alliance of ten in-country groups of partners in Cameroon, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam. The teams carry out research, capacity building and advocacy work. IIED works with these teams to carry out similar functions internationally, and it steers the initiative, with additional support to teams in Asia from The Centre for People and Forests.

The Uganda Forest Governance Learning Group has a wide members composed of academia, ministries, government departments, agencies, civil society and the media. These congregate, discuss, dialogue and carry out research on:

  • Forest rights and small forest enterprises;
  • Encouraging trade in legal forest products; and
  • Advocating for pro-poor climate change mitigation and adaptation through forestry.

Tree Talk Plus is proudly a member of this learning group and has been involved in undertaking studies on the State of Forestry Governance in Uganda, Reduction of Illegal Timber Trade in Uganda, Chinese Investment in the forest sector in Uganda, Social and environmental accountability and its benefits to Chinese investors in Uganda among others