• Biodiversity and Ecosystems Service (BES) in Key Biodiversity Areas and agricultural landscapes

TTP seeks to enhance the conservation and protection of key ecosystems and natural resources required to maintain and enhance well being of people, support community livelihoods and drive development. Our work is to ensure that these resources are maintained in a healthy state to serve their ecological functions, economic interests as well as community livelihood needs. Our major focus is to work with people living around Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs) and in agricultural landscapes faced with challenges including poor agricultural practices, soil degradation and poverty or most prone to natural disasters. Our work had previously focused on post war torn northern Uganda, the Mount Elgon Ecosystem and the agricultural landscape of the middle northern region.

Our strategies include;

  • Engaging with District Local Governments, Civil Based Organizations and Non-Government Organizations in the management of critical forests, wetlands and farmlands;
  • Building the capacity of communities in climate smart agricultural practices and eco-agriculture;
  • Capacity building of stakeholders in Low Key Monitoring to strengthen management of key ecosystems;
  • Conducting Climate change vulnerability assessments in farming communities;
  • Engaging youth in a climate change advocacy drive through collaborating with schools, organizations and leaders at different levels.
  • Promoting clean energy especially energy saving cook stoves for rural communities.