Population, Health and Environment nexus critical for Lake Victoria Basin.

Since 2011, the HoPE-LVB Project started implementing a model aimed at reducingthreats to biodiversity conservation and ecosystem degradation in the Lake Victoria Basin while simultaneously increasing access to family planning and reproductive health services, and improving maternal and child health.

In Uganda the project is implemented by Pathfinder International and Ecological Christian Organization (ECO).

On the 18th and 19th of February 2015, at Protea Hotel, Kampala, the two institutions brought together Ugandan community leaders and members, national and non-governmental organizations for a dissemination and strategic planning meeting to scale up the project.

In addition to the above, the meeting was also intended to:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of applying a cross-sectoral, integrated approach to sustainable development
  • Share learning, results and challenges from implementing the pilot phase of the HoPE-LVB project which was focused on developing a scalable model of integrated population, health and environment (PHE) interventions
  • Expose participants to systematic approaches to scaling up interventions
  • Gather recommendations for scaling up HoPE-LVB’s successfully tested interventions by going through a process of developing a scaling up strategy
  • Gauge interest and potential commitment of new partners to support expanded implementation of HoPE-LVB’s sustainable development approach

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